Our Committees


Networking Committee:  Connect with other groups by attending their meetings, following their activities/pertinent information

Recorder Committee:  Record the minutes of Indivisible"s meetings; prepare the minutes after the meetings for distribution 

Get Out the Vote Committee:  Increase voter turnout by calling voters to remind them to vote, sending personalized post cards, driving voters to the poll, canvassing voters, distributing literature with a list of progressive candidates

Letters to the Editor Committee:  Write letters to publications throughout Congressional District 10

Media Committee:  Notify print, radio, TV outlets of activities and events; write and submit press releases and alerts; develop Indivisible 10 social-media; develop relationships with media personnel

Voter Registration Committee:  Register voters at a variety of locations throughout District 10; remind people to check and recheck their voter registrations

Election Observers:  Attend Board of Elections meetings where you live, monitor voting precincts on voting days, report irregularities, notify voters turned away at the polls that they can cast provisional votes

Redistricting/Gerrymandering/Voter Machine Integrity Committee:  Members will choose to be an action member (writing letters or postcards, call, email or visit leaders, attend sessions or work with other organizations)