Main Points

  • Hand marked paper ballots for maximum cost effectiveness and verifiability;

  • On-site demand ballot printers to avoid the costs of wasted paper, ease the administrative burden for county election directors and help prevent fraud;

  • Audit system with paper trail

  • Tabulators that tabulate only human readable vote marks and are legally prohibited from counting votes embedded in bar codes

Call or email your legislative members and let them know you expect no less…

Prompts for Writing Emotional Messages to Legislators

Trust is word that is important to me. I have lost my trust in my vote counting during Georgia’s elections. Why … Closer… expecting a vote for Hand-marked Ballot System

I have lost my trust in Georgia’s ability to conduct fair elections. Why… Closer… I need your voice and vote for Hand-marked Ballot System.

I am worried about the future of my children and grandchildren. Georgia’s voting system has raised my mistrust that votes count. Why… Closer… Our children deserve a safe and secure Hand-marked Paper Ballot system. I need your voice and vote.

Why are you ignoring the clear majority of voters in Georgia (AJC Poll) wanting a Hand-marked Paper Ballot System? I feel the slick lobbyist and vendors have somehow gained your attention. This makes me mistrust you and Georgia’s ability to have a fair election system…

I am dismayed by the poor reputation Georgia has for administering elections. Mistrust is the word I hear daily about Georgia’s ability to select the safest voting system. Technology experts agree Hand-marked Ballot Systems are the gold-standard for safe systems. It is astounding to hear legislators talking about anything else. I need your voice and vote to listen to the people of Georgia and support a Hand-marked Ballot System.

It feels like something funny is going on in the Capital and Georgia Government. More than 50% of Georgians are asking for Hand-marked ballots but no one is listening.

I believe Georgia has an opportunity to become a national leader for safe and a secure voting system hand-marked ballots. ..

I can’t understand why Georgia is wanting to spend over $150 million of our tax dollars on a fancy voting system that can be easily hacked. ..

Common sense tells me Georgia needs to step back and rethink about our new voting system. There is so much mistrust on what is going on in technology these days. It is time to consider a simpler, safer way for people to vote…

Sample Post Card Messages

1. Georgians want their votes to count! Georgians want hand-marked ballots. Georgians do not want computer generated ballots costing more than $100 million and promoted by lobbyists.  Please vote for hand-marked ballots.

2. Voters suspect touch screen systems miscount and manipulate votes and are vulnerable to hacking.  Georgians want a trustworthy, verifiable system of hand-marked paper ballots. Please vote for hand-marked ballots that we can trust!

3. Cybersecurity experts recommend hand-marked ballots and scanners. Recent reports document the relationship between a touch screen maker and some Georgia elected officials. Do the right thing! Choose hand-marked ballots!

4. Georgia is one of the last 4 states relying on direct recording electronic voting machines.  Hand-marked paper ballots read by a scanner are cost effective and auditable. Please choose hand-marked ballots and scanners for Georgia!

5. Hand-marked paper ballots and ballot scanners are used by 70% of the country. Inexpensive, readable and auditable. Ignore the lobbyists! Choose what is best for Georgia and Georgians!

6. Georgia voters don’t trust our touch screen system! The cyber security expert advising the state recommends hand-marked and scanned ballots as best for Georgia. Simple, reliable, economical, auditable. Please choose hand-marked ballots and computer scanners for our state!

7. Don’t listen to lobbyists for expensive touch screen systems! The county is moving to (70% now use) hand marked paper ballots read by scanners. Readable, reliable, inexpensive, auditable! Choose the system recommended by cybersecurity experts!

8. Georgians want a system we can trust: cybersecurity experts recommended hand-marked paper ballots read by scanners. Readable, reliable, auditable, inexpensive. Please choose this system!

9. No more expensive touch screen systems! No more worries about hacking, electronic glitches and no auditable paper ballots. Choose hand-marked ballots, scanner read. Readable, reliable, auditable, inexpensive.

10. Don’t let lobbyists for expensive touch screen systems make your decision. Choose readable, reliable, auditable hand-marked paper ballots, scanner read, for Georgia! 70% of the nation already has made that choice!

11. I am not sure my vote was counted in the last election. Georgians need a system we can trust! Please vote for reliable and inexpensive hand marked paper ballots. Our votes depend on it!

Scripts for Contacting Legislators


Hello _____________,

I am a concerned citizen of Georgia. Thank you for serving as my district legislature. I am emailing you about the up-coming legislation for a new voter system for Georgia. Many people have lost trust in Georgia’s elections and YOU can regain trust with your support of the following recommendations:

1.Hand-marked paper ballots, 2.On-site ballot printers, 3. Scanner tally machines, and 4.An audit system that fully supports recounts.

It is time to speak up and regain trust in Georgia elections and I would like you to do your part by supporting the best practices listed.

Respectfully submitted,

Your Name, Address, phone number

Dear _________________,

Today I put up the American Flag on my front porch. I have done this many times with pride in my state and country. Today it was sad. The flag symbolizes freedom and Democracy for me and I feel betrayed by Georgia. Mistrust in Georgia’s voting system made me wonder if my vote will ever count again. Georgia is embarking on a huge decision on a new voting system and I need your help. Please support a Hand-marked paper ballot so I can know my intent was not changed by a hacker or machine failure.

Thank you,

Your Name, Address, phone number

Dear ____________,

This morning I am looking at my young children playing and laughing. I am wondering if they have a future in Georgia? Over the last years I am not sure my vote counted. I am not sure our Democracy is safe and will be there for our children. My trust in Georgia’s voting system is gone. The legislature has a huge task in replacing a flawed voting system and I am worried for our children. Will Democracy still be here when they are old enough to vote? Hand marking a paper ballot will provide me the only assurance that my vote will not be hacked or changed by a machine error. I need your voice and vote to bring back my trust in Georgia voting. I want my children to know they will have the right to vote and have that vote count.


Your Name, Address, phone number


Hello my name is ___________. I am calling to talk with you, my legislator charged with designing and voting for a new voting system for Georgia in the 2019 legislative session. Many people have lost trust in Georgia’s elections and YOU can regain trust by supporting the following: 1.Hand-marked paper ballots, 2.Onsite ballot printer, 3. Scanner tally machines, and 4.An audit system that fully supports recounts.

Please tell me if you are willing to support any or all of these recommendations.

If yes thank person for working to regain the trust of Georgians in the election system.

If unclear, remind them these are best practices, the safest systems are hand-marked ballots and simple systems will be the easiest to implement and most cost effective.

If no, state that Georgian’s will accept no less and he/she will not regain the trust of Georgia voters.

Close with … It is time to speak up and regain the trust in Georgia elections and I would like you to do your part by supporting the best practices listed.

Thank you for your time.