Atlanta Journal Constitution - Firm’s close ties to Georgia stir concerns about voting system

When Gov. Brian Kemp hired an election company’s lobbyist this month, the move raised alarm bells about one company’s influence on Georgia’s upcoming purchase of a new statewide voting system.Concerns from government accountability advocates only grew days later, when a commission created by Kemp recommended that the state buy the type of voting machines sold by the lobbyist’s company, Election Systems... click here to read more

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Georgia Democrats Evade an Information Blockade on Voting Machines

The Wednesday event was outside GOP purview, and thus was not live-streamed on the internet. Which is just as well, because it might have attracted a fire marshal’s attention, so packed and stifling was the room.

The topic was a minority report to answer a Republican plan – produced by a ballot security commission established by Brian Kemp as secretary of state – to spend $150 million on hardware and training for new voting machines…click here to read more including the “Minority Report” on misinformation about the newly recommended voting machines…

Democratic “Minority Report” See how new recommended voting system is fraught with problems.

Click here for the complete “Minority Report”

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Bill to replace Georgia voting machines introduced

A broad elections bill introduced Thursday would replace Georgia’s electronic voting system with touchscreens that print ballots before they’re counted. … click here to read more